GiftPax FAQs

Have a GiftPax gift card?

GiftPax gift cards are easy to use and give you the choice to be able to eat, drink and play. Find out all you need to know below.

  • Browse this site to find the perfect GiftPax for you and add it to the cart
  • Pay using your gift card number when prompted in the checkout
  • If your total exceeds the value of your gift card, you can pay the remaining balance with a major credit card or PayPal.
  • Any remaining credit will remain on your GiftPax gift card to use at another time
  • Upon completion of your purchase, we will mail your gift vouchers to redeem online or in store.

If you’re interested in using GiftPax for a corporate gift, reward or marketing promotion visit our dedicated GiftPax Rewards website and we will refund the difference.

Want to read the fine print? GiftPax terms and conditions can be found in their full glory here.

  • Can I use my GiftPax gift card in store?

GiftPax gift cards can only be used online in our “Shop” section. Here you’ll find all of our products available for redemption.

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders are sent by standard mail and should ship in 5 days.

  • My gift card number says it doesn’t belong to me, why?

Please use the email address where you received your digital GiftPax gift card. This should resolve this error.

  • How do I know where to redeem my gift vouchers?

Once you click on the GiftPax you’re interested in, you’ll see exactly what’s included and where to redeem your gift vouchers.